Solar is power

Hemphill Solar is dedicated to providing solar power to businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Commercial Solar

Hemphill Solar offers a 10kW (or larger) grid-tie solar power system that lowers your business' monthly electric bill.

Fixed Electric Rate

On average, electric utility rates increase 2.5% annually while solar power systems provide a fixed cost of electricity.

Save Money

We realize the bottom line is key to the growth of your business and want to help your company increase cash flow & make a wise investment with solar energy.

Dedicated Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to turn-key development of your solar power system.

Polaris BPM is a proprietary software tool that builds & manages Hemphill Solar's projects and allows our customers to track the progress of their solar project in real time.

Hemphill Solar's Commercial Grid-Tie solar power systems could save you up to 62% or more on your average annual electric bill. Our systems are designed to produce as much necessary power as you need without sending power back into the grid. This means you can reduce your electric bill while not producing more power than you need.

Hemphill Solar


Our large scale facilities allow us to take on projects of any size and / or complexity.


"We get it done", has been Hemphill's motto for over 50 years.


We proudly operate and serve the Tulsa area, which keeps us locally minded to better assist our customers!


Elmer L. Hemphill founded his first Hemphill company in 1957 as a small drilling operation. Visit to learn more.

Solar Power


    Solar panels harness energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. The energy is collected and fed into a power inverter, which changes the electricity from DC (direct current) into standard AC (alternating current) voltages.


    Hemphill Solar installations are intended for rooftops: they can be completed on flat roofs using ballasts; or metal roofs using sealed penetration fasteners. Hemphill Solar Systems tie into your building electric grid and supplement power provided by the local electric utility company.


    Hemphill Solar offers a one-year warranty on our workmanship. Solar panels carry a 25-year warranty; supporting equipment (such as the inverter) typically includes a 15 year warranty. The panels should be cleaned at a minimum four times a year.


    Solar panels are designed to withstand the affects of golfball sized hail and are very resilient to impact. In the event that a storm damages the solar power system, insurance typically covers the damages (you should verify your insurance covers your solar power system).


    The moment you turn on your solar power system you start sending smaller checks to the electric company and keeping more money in your bank account.


    Solar power systems qualify for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit and a Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).